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May 12, 2009

Groupe Mutuel Turns to Azul Systems® for Proven Web Portal Scalability

Mountain View, CA, May 12, 2009 — Azul Systems, the award-winning leader of enterprise server appliances for business-critical Java™ applications, today announced that Groupe Mutuel, one of the largest health insurance agencies in Switzerland, has deployed Azul Compute Appliances to cost-effectively scale and improve performance of its customer portal. Azul Vega™ Series compute appliances enable Java applications to reach unprecedented levels of scalability, throughput and performance consistency while simultaneously reducing deployment complexities.

Groupe Mutuel is comprised of 15 insurance companies focusing on all insurance sectors (e.g. health, accident, life, death anddisability insurance) and providing services to over 875,000 consumers and 13,000 businesses. Groupe Mutuel saw the need to provide a greater variety of choices to its health insurance carriers, including different levels of benefits, deductibles and premiums, as well as the latest information on pharmaceutical treatments. By leveraging the power of its customer portal in its call center operations, Groupe Mutuel was able to streamline internal processes, while providing increased service levels and improved operational efficiencies.

“Providing the utmost customer experience is important to us. With the Azul solution we have seen an unbelievable improvement in the performance of our portal and the scalability of the application for both our customers and our customer service agents.” says Jacques Secnazi, CIO of Groupe Mutuel. “Throughput and response time issues related to Java garbage collection have disappeared, allowing for better application utilization. Customer service agents are now able to access, obtain and send information to the customer instantly, providing immediate customer satisfaction and greater overall customer service.”

“We are thrilled to work closely with Groupe Mutuel in powering their customer-centric Web application and to deliver a solution that provides the ultimate customer experience in healthcare insurance,” says Scott Sellers, president and CEO of Azul Systems. “By significantly improving the application stability and response times of their customer portal, Groupe Mutuel’s service agents are now able to handle increased volumes of customer inquiries, provide a better customer experience and improve customer and partner loyalty which helps their bottom line.”

About Groupe Mutuel

Based in Martigny, Switzerland, Groupe Mutuel provides a wide range of insurance services to more than one million customers representing 1.8 million insurance contracts. The company is one of the largest health insurance providers in Switzerland.

About Azul Systems

Azul Systems ( is an enterprise compute appliance vendor providing unsurpassed scalability, manageability, and real-time monitoring for Java™-based applications. By providing unparalleled compute and memory resources for throughput-intensive and QoS-sensitive Java applications, Azul enables organizations to dramatically simplify deployments, consolidate servers, increase capacities with predictable response times, and dramatically improve operating costs over traditional deployment models.


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