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April 24, 2013

Neo Technology and Azul Systems® Partner on Big Graph Databases

Azul Systems, the award-winning leader in Java runtime scalability and Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that Neo Technology is now a member of Azul’s ISV partner program. The two companies are working together targeting key vertical markets where performance and responsiveness of large graph databases is essential.

Unlike relational and other types of NoSQL databases, graph databases, such as the industry-leading Neo4j, provide extremely fast access to the types of complex data found in social networks, recommendation engines and other networked systems. Graph databases are optimized for in-memory operations. Being able to push the limits of memory usage — whether for a single machine or a large cluster — is key to meeting the performance needs of customers, be it a wireless operator, a financial trading system, gaming, or social media.

Azul Systems’ advanced Java technology enables applications to overcome the performance and scalability limitations of traditional Java runtimes, making extremely large in-memory datasets practical — without the glitches and pauses that can plague applications using traditional Java Virtual Machines (JVMs). Azul’s Zing eliminates garbage collection (GC) pauses as an issue for even the largest memory-based computing systems, delivering consistently low response times. Zing also eliminates the need for the lengthy and laborious JVM tuning that is typically required with Java application development, helping applications get into production faster.

“With Zing, Neo4j can maintain smooth, interactive and responsive operations across a wider range of operational scenarios, supporting pause-free heap-resident operation when dealing with big data,” Gil Tene, Azul Systems co-founder and CTO said. “Businesses can now apply in-memory graph database technologies like Neo4j to more real time business uses, significantly expanding the practical data set sizes such technology can process without loss of responsiveness and interactivity.”

The key benefits using Zing with Neo4j include the following:

  • Guaranteed performance and response time consistency with very large in-memory datasets
  • Scaling beyond the Java heap limitations of traditional JVMs for extremely large graphs. Zing readily supports massive Java heaps of hundreds of Gigabytes – with an essentially flat, low latency curve
  • Improve time to deployment by reducing time-intensive JVM tuning

Philip Rathle, Senior Director of Products for Neo Technology, said: “Big data and large graphs are a sweet spot for Neo4j. Azul’s proven technology for JVM performance makes Zing a great match for Neo4j, which leverages in-memory processing. Azul will help our largest customers push past the limits of today’s JVM technology.”

Scott Sellers, CEO of Azul Systems, said: “We are delighted to welcome Neo Technology into our ISV program. By combining the world’s leading graph database with Zing, developers can now build and deploy Neo4j-based systems that can span hundreds of Gigabytes of memory while delivering results with consistent, millisecond-level latency.”

About Azul Systems
Azul Systems delivers high-performance and elastic Java solutions with unsurpassed scalability, manageability and production-time visibility. Designed and optimized for x86 servers and enterprise-class workloads, Azul’s Zing is the only Java runtime that supports highly consistent and pauseless execution for throughput-intensive and QoS-sensitive NoSQL and Big Data applications within the financial services, retail ecommerce, SaaS and real-time advertising sectors. Azul’s enhanced Java technologies also enable organizations to simplify Java-based operations by deploying fewer instances while achieving lower average latencies, greater response time consistency and dramatically improved operating costs. For additional information, visit

About Neo Technology
Graphs are everywhere. From websites adding social capabilities to Telcos providing personalized customer services to innovative bioinformatics research, organizations are adopting graph databases as the best way to model and query connected data. Neo Technology researchers have pioneered graph databases since 2000 and have been instrumental in bringing the power of the social graph to customers such as Adobe, Cisco, and Deutsche Telekom. Now in production for nine years, Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database with the largest ecosystem of partners and tens of thousands of successful deployments worldwide.

Neo Technology is a privately held company funded by Fidelity Growth Partners Europe, Sunstone Capital and Conor Venture Partners, and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices in Germany, UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, and Malaysia. For more information, please visit