Apache Cassandra

When your business depends on Apache Cassandra or Datastax Enterprise, Zing delivers consistent performance and throughput

When pauseless Cassandra performance is essential

“Ultra low latencies are of paramount importance to many of our customers, and are almost impossible to achieve if you use a standard JVM. Fraud Prevention That Learns™ combined with Azul Zing can handle peak load demands of up to 50,000 transactions per second, which guarantees that we can deliver the best that artificially intelligent machines can offer.”
- Nuno Sebastiao, Chief Executive Officer of Feedzai

Meet Cassandra performance and scalability targets

Some of the world's largest Cassandra installations use Zing on thousands of nodes to ensure predictable performance without any Java GC pauses or jitter. Azul has deep experience helping DevOps, performance and support teams solve JVM tuning problems caused by random interaction between the Java runtime and Cassandra.

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Maximize the value of your Cassandra deployment

Even the best database architects may not understand the impact a better JVM can have on Cassandra’s runtime consistency and throughput. We have optimized Zing specifically for Cassandra — and it shows. Zing solves the JVM-centric issues that can impact Apache Cassandra performance — without days or weeks of JVM tuning.

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Eliminate Java GC Problems

Zing allows your Cassandra teams to focus on new features instead of continually tuning HotSpot

Meet your SLA targets

Zing eliminates the GC problems that can hurt Cassandra performance

Meet throughput targets

Cassandra-based systems using Zing show pauseless operation even at 60,000 transactions per second

Zing helps Cassandra PLUS Lucene, Solr, Elastic or Spark

Deliver consistent performance across your entire Java-based stack

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Gain all the benefits of your Cassandra investment

Zing is proven with Cassandra deployments ranging from 3 to thousands of nodes.

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