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Why Replace the Oracle JDK with OpenJDK? 
Join Java Champion Simon Ritter.

Zing powers Java-based In-Memory Computing

Pairing in-memory computing platforms with the highest performing JVM enables your organization to deploy Java-based, ultra-high-performance applications without high-cost, custom engineering

Zing supports demanding memory-based workloads

A GridGain distributed cluster run on Zing can consistently deliver 10x better latency for the 99.99th percentile in comparison to general-purpose JVMs. The combined solution can enable organizations to dramatically speed Java applications for low-latency use cases, such as credit card authorization and payment processing.

Process more data without pausing

Remove Java-caused limits to scalability. Modernize your applications and fully realize the benefits of NoSQL and in-memory technologies while delivering business-transformative capabilities that weren’t possible before.

Hazelcast & Zing

Deliver results in real time

  • Make better business decisions
  • Run analytics on live transactional datasets with fast response times
  • Achieve nearly instantaneous report creation and drill-down
  • Convert batch systems to real time

Download In-memory Payments Benchmark

Hold Over 8 TB of data in memory

Without pauses, stalls or response time outliers

Deliver results in real time

Migrate to in-memory computing and provide rapid feedback while reducing business risk

Remove barriers between systems

Combine data from transactional and analytics systems

Deliver consistent response times

Turbocharge analytics, planning, forecasting, logistics and other critical systems

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