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NetDocuments wins with Solr & Zing

Zing delivers a performance boost for NetDocuments’ enterprise search customers

NetDocuments was an early
SaaS Pioneer

NetDocuments Next Generation Platform a Success - Thanks to Azul Zing

NetDocuments wins with Solr & Zing

The NetDocuments service is used by legal, real estate, financial services, health services and a variety of other businesses who wish to have organizational control and universal access to their documents. Built entirely around search, the NetDocuments service is a true multi-tenant system that is scalable to serve large organizations with millions of documents and thousands of users who manage tens of thousands of clients or projects. Their users upload, manage and collaborate on nearly 1 billion documents across their 4 global datacenters

The company leverages the Web and the cloud delivery model to offer the world’s most feature-rich, efficient document management service, including collaboration on work in progress documents and emails, document images, and documents as records.

“Without Zing we would not have been able to deploy Apache Solr for our production system. Our customers could have experienced long pauses when searching for critical documents.”

Mou Nandi
Search Engineer and Architect

It all started with a blog post

At an Apache Solr training session in Palo Alto, the NetDocuments team heard about a blog post by Michael McCandless, an Apache Lucene™ committer and PMC member. McCandless had tested Lucene with Azul Zing and discovered that it removes all pauses, even when utilizing more than 70 gigabytes in the Solr RAM Directory, which is just what NetDocuments was looking to accomplish.

Within minutes after starting their Zing trial, the NetDocuments developers observed the complete elimination of Java GC pauses, fueling the success of their migration to Solr.

GC pauses: Eliminated

GC pauses: Eliminated

GC pauses lasting a minute or more were eliminated by Zing, without re-coding or re-architecting

No more JVM tuning

No more JVM tuning

Zing eliminated the need to babysit the JVM. The NetDocuments team could concentrate on new features

Better tooling: no leaks

Better tooling: no leaks

The NetDocuments team made heavy use of Zing Vision, which was helpful in targeting application memory leaks

Zing is ideal for Apache Lucene and Solr

When large in-memory datasets are required, Zing delivers pauseless performance

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