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ISV and Technology Partners

Azul helps partners deliver innovative Java solutions that are cost effective to support and maintain.

Our success is your success.

Through the Azul Embedded Program, partners gain access to Azul’s portfolio of Java compliant runtimes and flexible licensing and support models that simplify the incorporation of Azul’s Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) into your physical and virtual software solutions (e.g. on-premises applications, cloud-based solutions or physical hardware appliances). This program helps ensure that your Java-based solution is running on enterprise-class JVM that has been certified and verified Java SE compliant with the IP protection and mission-critical 24×7 support your teams need to ensure customer success. The sections below will provide an overview of the Azul Embedded Program and outline the benefits of participating, as well as how to get started.

The Value of Partnering with Azul

Ever changing business dynamics require continuous access to secure, reliable and innovative Java runtimes that can meet the domains of your customers without imposing draconian business models that encumber product growth and field use. By partnering with Azul for your embedded Java needs, Independent Software and Hardware Vendors (ISVs/IHVs) can access industry-leading technology and enterprise-class support your teams need to compete and succeed. The Azul Embedded Program can help your organization:

  • Accelerate time-to-market by using Azul’s industry-tested and open source technologies as the Java runtime platform for your embedded system and solutions.
  • Lower development costs, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve product margins by switching to Azul’s portfolio of open source and innovative JVMs
  • Build, Integrate, and distribute purpose-built solutions using Azul technology that has no field-of-use restrictions or encumbering business models
  • Mitigate risk with certified SE compliant JVMs that can be tailored to meet your specific embedded or hardware appliance needs.
  • Maximize customer success and retention by providing your customers with first-line support backed by Azul’s award-winning support organization available through the Embedded Program.
  • Triage Java issues quickly with 24×7 access to Azul support organization and the latest builds and security patches via Azul support portal.
  • Maintain your control of JVM updates, patches, and new releases by certifying all changes to Azul software through your own development, testing, and QA processes.
  • Provide seamless, out-of-the-box solutions to your customers that you can easily support and maintain

The Azul Embedded Program provides access to the latest Java patch level and embedded Java profiles across multiple operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) and processor types (x86, Arm32/64, PPC32/64, MIPS32). Azul products are backed by support resources to help you deliver exceptional products while maintaining control of the customer experience.

Tiered Partner Relationships

To complement our technology, Azul offers a partner relationship that addresses your unique requirements:

  • Tailored approach. Azul works with its partners to address individual business requirements and quickly deliver enterprise-ready solutions to their customers.
  • Simplified process. Click-Through contracts, with no minimum product volumes or required product training, make it easier to do business with Azul.
  • Flexible business models. Ship Azul software as an integrated component of your turnkey solution and report units to Azul on a quarterly basis.


Azul’s flexibly business models accommodates the business and sales processes of our partners for joint success. As a partner ships more Azul embedded solutions qualifying for the Embedded Program, discounted pricing is offered for higher volumes and longer support terms.


From partnership inception Azul provides our embedded partner developers support for installation, configuration, diagnosis of issues, temporary patches, and regular access to Java Critical Patch Updates (CPUs) for all Azul JVMs. Azul technical support personnel are skilled in triaging challenging Java development and runtime issues, including root cause analysis associated with complicated runtime stacks and Java container. Azul Support also offer a full array of different JVM build configurations, including compact profiles, to match the specific needs of each embedded partner.

When a partner bring a solutions to market, Azul is there to provide the technical support you need to help your customers. The Embedded Program is designed so that our partners provide firstline support to their customers (i.e. maintain the support relationship with their customers), while Azul’s 24×7 global network of knowledgeable support engineers provide level 2 & 3 support. As an embedded partner, you can escalate any and all issues to our 24×7 support team who responds, escalates, and quickly resolves high-priority problems and provides any necessary patches.


Partners are required to submit quarterly royalty reports to Azul in compliance with contractual commitments. Royalty reports contain the partner name, contact information, number and date of units distributed and renewed, embedded fee, and partner’s product name.


If you are interested in joining the Azul Embedded Program, contact the Azul Alliance team at [email protected].