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Technical and business leaders face a paradoxical set of priorities: deliver innovative cloud-based applications while also optimizing infrastructure costs. 

By some estimates, inefficient cloud spend weighs down more than a trillion dollars of market capitalization. In a recent 451 Research survey around the primary challenges of using cloud native technology, 42% of respondents cited cost as a major concern.

Ideally, the same tools that run your applications now could be used to help you scale efficiently and take full advantage of cutting-edge cloud technologies and services. 

John and Scott reveal how an optimized Java Virtual Machine (JVM) can help prevent cloud cost-overruns while delivering a much improved balance of price/performance across hybrid and multi-cloud systems infrastructure.

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Scott Sellers
 Co-Founder and CEO of Azul

John Abbott
 Co-founder & Distinguished Analyst at 451 Research

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A New Way to Control Cloud Costs: Optimize Your Java Runtime