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Uncover the truth about Oracle Java

Setting the record straight and addressing common misconceptions about OpenJDK

Discover the Truth

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to discover the reality Oracle doesn't want you to know.

As always, should you or any member of your team be caught, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

[end transmission]

1. It’s easier to get rid of Java than to deal with Java’s licensing and pricing risks.

Reality: It’s very difficult to get rid of Java. Refactoring your code can take years, and there is a risk the refactored code will be inefficient, error-prone and non-idiomatic. Organizations who take a serious look at refactoring typically conclude that there are better, more affordable alternatives.

2. It is easier to do nothing than to migrate away from Oracle Java.

Reality: Few organizations can afford to waste millions of dollars on an avoidable expense. Ignoring the increasing cost of Oracle Java and the increasing risk of an audit creates a financial liability that you will have to pay. Oracle is already contacting companies who have only downloaded a handful of JDKs and asking them about their Java usage to determine if their organizations are following Oracle’s licensing requirements. In your case, if Oracle finds you are violating licensing terms you could be presented with a very large bill.

3. Migrating to another JDK isn’t worth it, it will take too long and cost too much.

Reality: The work of a migration is very similar to the work to complete the quarterly updates that protect your customer data and keep you in compliance. You are already doing the work, it’s time to recognize the ROI of moving to a more affordable provider.

4. Using free distributions of OpenJDK will put your investment in Java at risk.

Reality: Free, open source software accelerates project delivery. But free builds of OpenJDK without commercial support can expose you to unacceptable risks around security and stability. They can also endanger your IP.

Azul Platform Core protects your Java investment for typically 70%+ less than the cost of Oracle Java and ensures you are compliant with governmental and industry regulations around patch management. Free distributions come with the risk of instability, data breaches and compliance penalties. Paying for Azul Platform Core can be less expensive than the consequences of unpatched security vulnerabilities. You don’t want your customer-facing apps to go down because you skimped on a Java support subscription.

5. I don’t need to pay for Java support. I’ve never used it.

Reality: Paying for software support can be akin to paying for car insurance. When you need it, you really need it. Paying for Azul Platform Core to ensure the security and stability of your Java apps and infrastructure is less expensive than dealing with the consequences of unpatched, high-severity vulnerabilities or losing control of valuable IP.

6. I need to finish negotiating with Oracle before I consider migrating to a new provider.

Reality: A thorough understanding of your options will help you lower the total cost of using Java, avoid future Java audits, and strengthen your security posture and readiness. By working with Azul or one of our certified partners, you can accurately evaluate the cost of staying with Oracle versus migrating to a more affordable Java provider.

7. My IT budget is tight and I need to go with the lowest cost JDK.

Reality: Azul’s customers typically pay 70%+ less than the cost of Oracle Java. Additionally, Azul’s presence on AWS and Google Cloud marketplaces facilitates the use of committed cloud spend for Enterprise businesses who want to migrate from Oracle Java SE to Azul Platform Core, the recommended Oracle Java SE alternative. AWS and Google Cloud customers can leverage their existing cloud commitments to access discounts and incentives, demonstrating a cost-effective alternative to Oracle.

Don’t let myths or common misconceptions about the OpenJDK hold you back. Connect with us to discuss how Azul Platform Core provides a secure, stable, and cost-effective Java environment. Azul can help you achieve freedom from Oracle Java audits and price hikes.

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