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109 New Features In JDK 10

109 New Features In JDK 10

Mar 1, 2018 | 20 MIN READ


It feels like it was only a few weeks since JDK 9 was launched, and that’s because it was. Things move on, however, and with the new release cadence for OpenJDK, JDK 10 has already reached the release candidate milestone.

I’ve seen a variety of blog posts on the subject of what’s new in JDK 10, but they tend to stick just to the big items defined through the JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPS). For this blog, I thought I’d see if I can list out absolutely everything that has changed (both added and removed) in JDK 10.

Having been giving presentations on Java SE for some time, I joked during my recent “55 New Features in JDK 9” presentation that the next one would be “5 New Features in JDK 10”. It turns out there’s more than you might think in JDK 10, even with only six-months of development time.

Even though I no longer work for Oracle, I will put a safe harbour statement here, so there’s no misunderstanding. This list is compiled from the publicly available information: JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs), the OpenJDK bug database and the Java SE 10 public review specification (JSR 383). Whilst being diligent in my research, there may be things that change before JDK 10 is finally released.

Big Things

There are twelve JEPs included in JDK 10

New APIs

There are 73 additions to the standard class libraries.

Changes to the Java Virtual Machine Specification

These are fairly small:

Changes to the Java Language Specification

There are a few more here, but mostly to support local-variable type inference.

Finally, Chapter 19, Syntax, has been updated in various places to reflect the use of TypeIdentifier rather than just Identifier, again to support local-variable type inference.

Miscellaneous Things

As you can see, despite there only being six months since JDK 9, there are actually quite a large number of changes. Sure, some of them are pretty small, but I think this shows that right away the new six-month release cadence will work in terms of delivering improvements to the Java platform more quickly.

Zulu builds of JDK 10 will be available shortly.

Let’s see what JDK 11 brings.

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