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A Game Changer for Java on ARM32

By Kevin Lee
Senior Director, Marketing and Product Management at Azul Systems

Today at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, we’ve made a major announcement on Java availability for ARM32. Zulu Embedded, Azul’s build of OpenJDK, now supports ARM32. This is a major milestone for everyone who has been trying to or wanted to use Java on all those millions of ARM32-based devices.

You Finally Have Open Source Java for ARM 32-Bit
Until now, there were very few options in finding a suitable Java SE runtime for ARM32. You pretty much would have to either take what is available on OpenJDK, or license Oracle Java. Unfortunately, what has been available on OpenJDK is not performant and in most cases is not ideal for prime time.

On the other hand, Oracle Java is a great product – but as all embedded developers know, Oracle’s Binary Code License limits usage and distribution of Java outside of general purpose computing. And then there’s the matter of licensing Oracle Java ME or SE Embedded.

We’re taking those licensing costs and field-of-use restrictions off the table.

In short, a production-quality build of OpenJDK for ARM32 is what many of us wanted – and that’s exactly what Azul has announced at Embedded World. Zulu Embedded will allow all Java developers and the embedded systems they support to move full-speed ahead with an Open Source Java on ARM32 – without looking back.

You can now start designing your next-generation embedded products for 32-bit devices. Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to the go-live date!

See It in Action at Embedded World!
Come visit us at Embedded World at in Hall 4 at Booth 4-657, and I can show you how it actually runs. If you are interested in test driving it yourself on a Raspberry Pi, I can sign you up on our Early Access program.

Please drop me a line at [email protected] and we’ll set up a demo!