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Azul Platform Prime Delivers Superior Performance on AWS Graviton Instances

Azul has long been a leader in bringing Java to 64-bit Arm architectures. In the past, we led the effort to get OpenJDK working on Apple M1 64-bit Arm chips and participated in the effort to bring OpenJDK to AWS Graviton 64-bit Arm chips. Now Azul provides superior performance on AWS Graviton 2 and Graviton 3.

Why this is good for Java users

Today we announce another major step in making Graviton instances Java-ready: Azul Platform Prime, the world’s best and fastest JVM (Java Virtual Machine), is now available for Graviton 2 and Graviton 3 processors. Azul Platform Prime already delivers the world’s lowest infrastructure costs, best customer experience, most consistent execution, and highest throughput. Merging these benefits with the lower AWS (Amazon Web Services) Graviton price point delivers a more cost-effective way to run Java workloads on AWS.

The median speed for running workloads in Renaissance on Azul Platform Prime is 26% faster on AWS Graviton 3 vs. OpenJDK and 18% faster on Graviton 2 vs. OpenJDK.

Why this is good for Azul customers 

With AWS 64-bit Arm chip-based Graviton 2 and Graviton 3 instances coming to market, many of our customers who deploy to AWS want to see how they can use Graviton servers. Why? They really want to reduce the operational cost of running their Java workloads – without sacrificing performance. 

At Azul, we love benchmarks, and we’ve been benchmarking Java performance on Graviton 2 and 3 extensively for our customers. And while we are just getting started optimizing Azul Platform Prime for Arm64, Azul Platform Prime is already the most performant way to run Java on Graviton instances.  

Why this matters now 

Arm chips were first used on mobile devices. The Arm architecture was designed for reducing costs of production workloads at scale and having lower power consumption. The reality is that Arm-based servers have been around for over a decade now. 

Today, AWS is a big part of a broader market shift. According to Gartner, ”By 2025, Arm-based shipments will account for around 20% of worldwide (except China) infrastructure as a services (IaaS) capabilities, and 55% of platform as a services (PaaS) capability.” 

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AWS’s new Graviton 64-bit Arm platform has attractive pricing – and it takes less energy to run. That is because Arm processors have a lower power draw, lower cost, and more flexibility – all the things that are ideal for cloud-native workloads. The good news? Amazon’s Graviton systems are becoming more competitive with x86, reflecting the improved core, number of cores, and memory bandwidth.  

While x86 processors may still dominate – and it is up to our customers to choose – either way Azul Platform Prime provides the Java runtimes to help companies fund data processing growth and build better applications. 

Get started today 

Azul has earned an AWS Graviton Ready Program service validation working with our clients as they explore the benefits of running an optimized JVM on x86 and 64-bit Arm platforms – we’d like to help you better understand your options.

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