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Covid-19 Status

Last update: June 11, 2020

To all Azul customers, partners, and friends,

Please accept our best wishes during this difficult time.

We will be posting regular updates to this page to ensure that our operational status is always available for your review. As of the date of this update, all Azul operations (Engineering, Support, Finance, Sales & Marketing) are fully operational and operating in normal (albeit largely remote) manner.

Across the company, we are monitoring developments closely regarding the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Since the start of the crisis, we have been taking all necessary steps to ensure that we continue to provide you with the same high level of service and support that you have come to expect from Azul.

Azul’s Support and Engineering teams are globally distributed and are accustomed to working remotely, so the “Stay at Home,” “Shelter in Place,” and similar orders that are being enacted in many states and countries will have minimal impact on our ability to deliver new products and to provide high-quality, timely support for your operations. For our customers, we expect you will not see any change in how we are able to support you during these challenging times.

All travel and all face-to-face meetings have been put on hold and any Sales or Support contact will be conducted using web conferencing systems or by phone. While some of us are getting used to working without face-to-face communication, we do not expect any change in the availability of Azul Support or our products.

Our employees are acting in accordance with all government and public health authorities responsible for their country and their local region, as appropriate.

To contact us at any time please use the following links:

Support: Our main page is — or email [email protected]

Sales: Regional account teams are listed here: — or email [email protected]

Accounts Payable: [email protected]

Legal team: [email protected]

All other requests: [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does Azul Systems have a business continuity plan, and are you executing it?
A: In both cases, the answer is yes.

Q: Are you continuing to provide 24 x 7 x 365 support?
A: Yes. Our Support engineers are distributed around the world as part of our ‘follow the sun’ support model. We have not seen and do not expect that there will be any impact on our ability to continue to meet all Support SLAs.

Q: Are you continuing to take new orders?
A: Absolutely! Our account teams, field consultants, legal team and senior executives are all continuing to engage with new prospects and existing customers.  

Q: I need someone from Azul to sign a physical contract or order form. How can I make that happen?
A: Your Azul account manager can provide you with any instructions needed for your delivery agent.

Q: Is your product roadmap going to change?
A: We don’t expect any significant change to our stated goal of always delivering the best JVMs/JDKs, as evidenced by the recent availability of Zulu supporting Java 14 and recent Zing releases with feature and performance enhancements.

Q: I provide services to Azul. Will I be paid?
A: Absolutely. All vendors and suppliers will be paid per your existing contracts. Our AP processes are continuing without interruption. 

We appreciate your business and encourage you to contact us immediately with any questions or concerns.


Scott Sellers
President & CEO
Azul Systems, Inc.