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Busch-Jaeger: Home Controllers Based on Java/OSGi’s gateway and backend software together with Azul’s JVM make home automation robust and resilient, yet flexible and easy to use.

  • Smart home technology has to be flexible enough to adapt to new developments in a fast-changing world, yet safe and secure enough to bring peace of mind to home owners.
  • Busch-Jaeger developed a smart-home control unit based on Java and OSGi. It adjusts the home’s lighting, heating, and temperature—and can even control windows, blinds, and motion sensors.
  • Busch-Jaeger’s smart-home control unit provides a solid foundation for safe, secure, and user-friendly smart-home applications. It puts a robust system at user’s fingertips that readily accommodates new applications.

A reliable home automation system needs to be self-contained with complex software running on the controller. Busch-Jaeger chose Java as its implementation platform based on software supplied by Azul Systems and,, Busch-Jaeger
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