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C24 Technologies + Azul = Best In-Memory Storage

Azul helps cut costs 5x & boost performance 3x for OTC derivatives data storage.

  • C24 Technologies is a software company specializing in financial services messaging and integration solutions. For the company’s clients, one of the biggest concerns about using Java over hardware or lower-level languages like C and C++ is JVM memory management, which can be unpredictable, causing jitter and ‘stop-the-world’ garbage collection pauses.
  • C24 Integration Objects (C24-iO) SDO message compaction technology combined with Azul Platform Prime compacts traditional complex XML messages down and wraps them with an ultra-efficient Java API, in most cases reducing the memory footprint for stored data by well over 10 times, enabling financial services institutions to dramatically reduce hardware requirements for storing OTC derivative data.
  • Accessing FpML data in memory is simplified with Azul Platform Prime which supports massive heaps in a single instance, allowing in-memory data grids which host FpML data to scale with fewer, larger nodes, simplifying configuration and management.
  • Because Azul Prime has a pauseless garbage collector, response time consistency is guaranteed, no matter how much in-memory data is used.
  • Organizations can serve far more users, handle more transactions, and deliver real-time responses on their existing hardware and software stack without changing any code.

The applications and solutions built on this technology run in Java and the only way to make that work with the sort of SLAs our clients need is with a JVM like Azul Platform Prime.

John Davies, CTO and Co-Founder, C24 Technologies
A truly superior Java runtime using up to 50% less infrastructure.

A truly superior Java runtime using up to 50% less infrastructure.

Azul Platform Prime turbocharges the performance and scalability of your Java ecosystem with a hyper-optimized runtime that ensures consistent response times, reduces system stalls, and delivers better customer experiences—all with far less infrastructure.

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