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Heirloom Computing

Heirloom Computing re-platforms and refactors mainframe workloads as cloud-native Java applications on any cloud, using Azul Platform Prime for best-in-industry performance, consistency, security, reliability and support.


Many companies want to move away from having their own data center and utilize cloud-based infrastructures and software environments instead. When their core business depends on a long-running mainframe application, too valuable and too complex to move out of the centralized control and security of their on-site data center, that presents problems. Thus, two-thirds of the Fortune 100 continue to use mainframes, even though they may not want to.


Heirloom automatically re-platforms and re-factors mainframe applications to run as cloud-native Java applications on Azul Platform Prime. Heirloom’s compilation process preserves business logic and data integrity, seamlessly mapping all application subsystems to Java and open-systems equivalents. The resulting application is guaranteed to exactly match the business logic and functionality of the original application.


With their mainframe applications converted to Java running in the cloud, enterprises get greater application elasticity, higher availability, and dynamic, pay-for-use right-sizing of capacity for efficient resource utilization. And with Azul Platform Prime, they’re assured of the best Java security, reliability, and support in the industry.

“Given the size and complexity of the processing, we were astonished that the re-platformed system was processing requests within 3 months of the project start date”

Satu Koskinen, CIO, Arek Oy