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From Mainframe
to Cloud Native Java

Heirloom Computing Re-platforms Mainframe Apps to Cloud Native Java

  • Many companies want to move away from having their own data center and utilize cloud-based infrastructures and software environments instead. What’s holding them back is that their core business depends on a long-running mainframe application which is too valuable and too complex to move out of the centralized control and security of their on-site data center. Thus, two-thirds of the Fortune 100 continue to use mainframes, even though they may not want to.
  • Heirloom automatically re-platforms and re-factors mainframe applications to run as cloud-native Java applications on Azul Platform Prime. Heirloom’s compilation process preserves business logic and data integrity, seamlessly mapping all application subsystems to Java and open-systems equivalents. The resulting application is guaranteed to exactly match the business logic and functionality of the original application.
  • With their mainframe applications converted to Java running in the cloud, enterprises get greater application elasticity, higher availability, and dynamic, pay-for-use right-sizing of capacity for efficient resource utilization. And with Azul Platform Prime, they’re assured of the best Java security, reliability, and support in the industry.
Our clients’ mission-critical applications must run reliably, securely, and consistently. Azul JVMs, known as Azul Platform Prime, ensure that we have a solid bedrock with all three of these KPIs and these are the only JVMs we trust and recommend.