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Inductive AutomationPowers Platform with Azul

Uses Azul Platform Core across its entire product family.

  • Inductive Automation wanted to embed builds of OpenJDK in all the products that comprise its Ignition industrial application platform.
  • Inductive Automation customers receive fully-integrated builds of Azul Platform Core as part of all Ignition platform and Ignition Edge device deployments, with Java embedded in both the Ignition gateway and client launcher.
  • With Azul embedded in the Ignition industrial application platform, Ignition users and developers now get a fully supported, open-source Java development and runtime platform that is continuously up-to-date.

“By adopting Azul Platform Core and teaming with Azul, we ensure that our customers always have access to secure, certified, and tested builds of Java.”

Carl Gould, Co-director of Software Engineering, Induction Automation
Java SE compatible - typically 70% less than Oracle

Azul Platform Core is 70% less expensive (typical savings vs. Oracle).

Azul Platform Core is a 100% open-source Java platform designed for the enterprise, featuring the fully certified, Java SE standard-compliant builds, tight security, cost efficiencies, and support SLAs (the best in the industry) that you need to run today’s business-critical, Java-based services.

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