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Best Cost, Performance, and Support across MEMX’s Java Estate

Best Cost, Performance, and Support across Its Java Estate


MEMX needed to create a simpler trading platform that would benefit both retail and institutional investors, including:

  • Promoting simple and transparent orders and interactions
  • Investing in the best and latest technology to deliver fast and efficient execution
  • Reducing pricing on market data, connectivity, and transaction fees
  • To de-risk the technology build and allow MEMX’s team to focus on developing business logic, MEMX got their Java signed, sealed, and delivered from the Java experts, Azul.
  • For developer Java-based workflows, MEMX chose Azul Platform Core, an Oracle-equivalent Java product, to ensure easy transition and ready Java production deployment. For mission-critical deployments, MEMX chose Azul Platform Prime to eliminate pauses/delays in application performance, and ensure rapid application warm up.
  • From inception to deployment, the integral platform took less than a year to build.

With Azul underpinning the Java platform, MEMX could could keep their singular focus on creating the best exchange.

MEMX’s key application delivered microsecond performance for critical processes, with P99.9 response times (those times when Java suffers largest pauses) 80 times more performant.

We have many products that are part of our platform, but the Azul Platform has delivered exceptional value out of the box,” concludes Fay. “It enables us to focus resources directly on growing our business.

Tom Fay, Chief Operating Officer, MEMX