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Skybox Security Relies on Embedded Java from Azul to Power ​Its Cybersecurity Platform​

Skybox Security switched from Oracle Java to Azul Platform Core to take advantage of lower costs for reliable Java support from a proven, trusted provider


Skybox Security initially deployed its exposure management platform on Java 8 using the Oracle JDK. But Oracle changed its licensing and pricing policies in 2019, increasing Skybox’s support costs to 7 figures for the Java embedded in its platform.


Azul has been providing Java runtimes tailored for embedded applications for over a decade. Azul Zulu® Builds of OpenJDK — available through Azul Platform Core — undergo formal certification and verification to ensure that the Azul runtime functions exactly the same as Oracle Java. Azul guarantees that embedding and distributing Zulu JDKs will not contaminate application code with open-source licensing requirements.


As an Azul customer, Skybox Security now enjoys lower Java costs, timely access to new security updates, and high-quality, certified builds of OpenJDK. Skybox upgraded from Java 8 to Java 21 after its release in 2023 with no problems, no cost increases, and no fears of an audit.

“We are a cybersecurity company. Our customers are Fortune 500 companies that maintain their entire network configuration and precious security assets in our system, so we are very sensitive to vulnerabilities in both the JDK and our software. It’s imperative for us to have a Java vendor that we can trust deploying new quarterly Java updates within minutes of Oracle releases. Azul Platform Core earned our trust with rigorous certifications, timely deliveries, and trustworthy reputation.”

David Ben-Ovadia, Senior Director of Platform, Skybox Security
Java SE compatible - typically 70% less than Oracle

Azul Platform Core is 70% less expensive (typical savings vs. Oracle).

Azul Platform Core is a 100% open-source Java platform designed for enterprises like Busch-Jaeger and for use in embedded applications like’s gateway.​