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Next-generation IoT Gateways

The flexibility of a 100% open source platform backed by Azul’s superb support.

  • V2COM has achieved extraordinary results using Java across multiple generations of embedded, M2M, and IoT-focused designs. Going forward, V2COM needed a trusted Java partner to help navigate the ever-changing Java roadmap and reduce product costs.
  • Azul’s certified, tested, multi-platform builds of OpenJDK, supporting all major versions of Linux plus Windows, macOS, Solaris, and QNX, and offering extended product support lifetimes required for multi-year implementations.
  • V2COM benefits from working with an experienced team 100% focused on Java, access to the full breadth of Java SE versions with long-term support, and flexible, hassle-free business terms.
With Azul, we gain a Java partner with deep experience in the embedded sector, IP protection for our application code, simple and affordable pricing plans, and the flexibility of a 100% open source platform backed by Azul’s superb support organization.

MORE JAVA for up to 90% less than Oracle.

Azul Platform Core is a 100% open-source Java platform designed for the enterprise, featuring the fully certified, Java SE standard-compliant builds, tight security, cost efficiencies, and support SLAs (the best in the industry) that you need to run today’s business-critical, Java-based services.

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