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Detecting vulnerabilities in production is more critical than ever for enterprises.

Azul Vulnerability Detection is a feature of Azul Intelligence Cloud that allows users to continuously monitor their Java applications to detect known vulnerabilities in production. By leveraging Azul JVMs, it produces more accurate results with no performance penalty and eliminates false positives.

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Running secure is more critical than ever in-production with Java.


97% of Java applications are made up
of open-source libraries, a common
form of third-party software.*


Third-party vulnerabilities are a common
initial attack vector leading to data breaches
along with compromised credentials, phishing, and misconfiguration of the cloud.**


The average cost for vulnerabilities
in third-party software
is $4.55 million.**


Traditional development scans of third-party software identifies vulnerabilities of which 98% are unreachable** resulting in numerous false positives.

Run Java securely with in-production detection from Azul

Continuously detects known vulnerabilities in Java applications

Eliminates false

Runs in production with no performance penalty

Why Securing the Software Supply Chain Is Critical


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Detection at Point of Use in Production

Eliminates false positives

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eBook: Assessing the Common Vulnerability Detection Landscape.

Understanding the landscape is critical to making the right decision in securing your Java apps.

*Veracode. The State of Security, Vol. 12, 2022, p.5

**Costs are calculated using activity-based costing, which identifies activities such as detection and escalation, notification, post-breach response and lost business, and assigns a cost to them. IBM. Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2022, p. 17