Running secure is more critical than ever
in-production with Java.

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Introducing Azul Vulnerability Detection.

Run Java. Run Secure.

Secure your software supply chain where it's more vulnerable - in production

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More performance

Get more transactions from the same infrastructure, even as loads increase.

Faster warm-up

Accelerate Java warm up times with Azul Platform Prime’s built-in ReadyNow! technology.


Consistent JVM performance

Improve customer experience, maintain consistent response times, and dramatically reduce pauses, jitters, or timeouts.

Faster code

Deliver improved real-time JVM optimization with a better JIT compiler.

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How Software Engineering Leaders Can Mitigate Software Supply Chain Security Risks

By 2025, 45% of organizations worldwide will have experienced attacks on their software supply chains, a three-fold increase from 2021.

Secure and Performant.

Azul Vulnerability Detection is an agentless cloud service that continuously detects vulnerabilities in our Java applications in production with no performance penalty.

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The average cost for vulnerabilities in third-party software is $4.55 million.**

Traditional development scans of third-party software identify vulnerabilities of which 98% are unreachable** resulting in numerous false positives.

Eliminates false positives

Continuously detects known vulnerabilities in Java applications

Runs in production with no performance penalty

NoOps with Transparent Performance

Leverages the JVM for existing runtime information - agentless approach means no performance penalty and no overhead from maintaining a separate agent.  Azul Vulnerability Detection just works - simply turn on in your JVM.

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Expert Java support

Detect vulnerabilities with help from a team with 20+ year track record of leadership in the Java community, best in class security, and 100% custamar satisfaction..

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Detection at Point of Use in Production

Maps software in production to a Java-oriented CVE database to continuously detect critical vulnerabilities.

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Eliminates false positives

Monitors code executed by the JVM to distinguish between vulnerabilities that are actually in-use versus simply present.

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97% of Java applications are made up of open-source libraries, a common form of third-party software.*

Third-party vulnerabilities are a common initial attack vector leading to data breaches along with compromised credentials, phishing, and misconfiguration of the cloud.**

Run Java securely with in-production detection from Azul

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eBook: Assessing the Common Vulnerability Detection Landscape.

Understanding the landscape is critical to making the right decision in securing your Java apps.

*Veracode. The State of Security, Vol. 12, 2022, p.5

**Costs are calculated using activity-based costing, which identifies activities such as detection and escalation, notification, post-breach response and lost business, and assigns a cost to them. IBM. Cost of a Data Breach Report, 2022, p. 17