Java 7 and 6 Support for Government

Unique Azul support for legacy Java versions 6 and 7 used by Government institutions, in addition to Java versions 8, 11, 13 and 15.

Azul is the only provider delivering Java 7 and Java 6 support to SLED institutions.

Only with Azul Platform Core for the Public Sector can Government organizations get timely security updates and ongoing Azul support for Java 6 and Java 7, versions still used extensively in Government, as well as Java 8, 11, 13, and 15.

Other providers charge exorbitant rates and tell you to “upgrade” your Java versions without thought for practicality.

Azul lets you use the versions you need for less cost, with absolute security, and allows you to upgrade in your own time.

Java 7 Support

  • Azul continues to support Java 7 with timely security updates and bug fixes.

  • Oracle‘s JDK 7 support is available only as extended support (no certification with most new third-party hardware or software products).

  • Red Hat stopped supporting JDK 7 in June 2020.

Java 6 Support

  • Azul is the only company supporting OpenJDK builds of Java 6.

  • Oracle offers only sustaining support for Java 6 (no bug fixes, security patches, or feature implementations).

Mission-critical Applications

  • Java 7 & Java 6 are often used in mission-critical “Category Zero” enterprise services.

  • Get Support for legacy Java deployments at 50%-90% less cost than Oracle.

Impacted Applications

  • Databases and records management

  • Constituent platforms

  • Schools and universities

  • Applications, e.g. mapping, monitoring

Looking for Java 6, Java 7 Support end of life?