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Andrew Savitz


Andrew leads all of Azul’s global marketing initiatives, including core marketing disciplines, product management, community and evangelism.

Andrew has over 20 years in high-growth enterprise software and SaaS companies. As the head of marketing, he’s helped lead the growth of’s largest product line; the successful acquisition of KXEN by SAP; the IPO of Aconex, Australia’s largest tech company; the rapid growth of AppDynamics and the company’s integration into Cisco; and BetterCloud’s game-changing launch of the #SaaSOps movement.

Andy holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and computer science and an MBA from UCLA.

When he’s not at work, he loves spending time with his family, surfing, traveling internationally, digging up trouble with his golden retriever, and bolstering his Yelp Elite status reviewing Mexican restaurants and other awesome dining experiences in Marin.