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September 19, 2006

Azul Compute Appliances Help Financial Services Firm Reap Scalability, Flexibility and Cost Benefits of SOA

Mountain View, Calif. – Sept. 19, 2006 – Azul Systems, the award-winning leader of enterprise server appliances that deliver compute and memory resources as a shared network service, today announced that TrueCredit, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TransUnion, has deployed Azul Compute Appliances to increase scalability and availability of its suite of services that help consumers manage and monitor credit and debt reporting. By choosing Azul for their service-oriented architecture (SOA), TrueCredit has dramatically increased its infrastructure capacity, enabling support for 50% more users than before, all while reducing the number of servers by a factor of four. This allows TrueCredit to deliver guaranteed service levels around its core applications while supporting its business goals.

“The primary focus of the TrueCredit architecture is to drive revenue; if our applications are either not available or too slow, consumers will go elsewhere,” said Scott Metzger, chief technology officer of TrueCredit. “We are using the Azul solution in production to provision multiple applications across a shared pool of compute and memory resources, which has dramatically simplified our configuration, increased application availability, allowed us to support more users, and most importantly achieved this while reducing our costs.”

TrueCredit provides a unique suite of services to manage and monitor credit and debt for both consumers as well as the customer base of some of the nation’s largest financial institutions. In the previous server environment, its Java-based applications were highly constrained by memory heap limits and required significant over-provisioning of hardware and software in order to meet required service levels. This resulted in increased costs and wasted resources. Because Azul Compute Appliances provide memory heap access well beyond the typical 2GB practical limits, applications have access to large heaps without incurring application pause times experienced with traditional servers, and as a result can handle significantly more transactions with fewer instances.

“Azul is dedicated to helping enterprises like TrueCredit create a robust virtualized infrastructure that increases their ability to drive business while reducing IT costs through increased efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness, said Scott Sellers, chief operating officer at Azul Systems. “TrueCredit’s deploying Azul Compute Appliances is another example of the significant value that our customers are experiencing by simply plugging in capacity and enabling businesses to solve real IT problems: increasing resource utilization, minimizing capacity planning and maximizing server manageability.”

About TrueCredit

TrueCredit, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransUnion, develops and markets credit-based products and services that deliver value to both consumers and the nation’s largest financial institutions. The Company goes beyond the delivery of credit data with a unique product set that is designed to help consumers manage their debts as efficiently as they do their investment portfolios. TrueCredit’s clients use the Company’s distinctive product and service set to acquire customers, maximize long-term customer value and increase their bottom-line. TrueCredit’s unique combination of business and consumer offerings enables the Company to empower millions of Americans to better manage their borrowing and to optimize the consumer lending businesses of TrueCredit’s financial services clients. For additional information about TrueCredit, visit:

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