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December 4, 2006

Azul Helps BT Respond to Massive Increase in Business Volumes

Mountain View, Calif., and Slough, Berkshire, UK – 4 December, 2006 – Azul Systems, the award-winning leader of enterprise server appliances for business critical Java™ applications, today announced that BT Group has selected Azul Compute Appliances to achieve the massive scalability it needs to support a new B2B gateway for the UK telecom industry. The Azul technology will help BT ensure guaranteed quality of service to UK communications providers who use the Equivalence Management Platform (EMP) to interact with Openreach, the division of BT created as part of telecom deregulation.

The Openreach system will be the world’s largest B2B gateway. Azul Compute Appliances will also support the BT Wholesale gateway that interfaces with the EMP, as well as other business-critical Java™ applications.

“BT is taking advantage of proven disruptive technology from Azul to ensure it can continue to deliver on its commitments under the telecom strategic review,” said Scott Sellers, chief operating officer and co-founder of Azul Systems. “Azul Compute Appliances will allow BT to respond to workload spikes in real time, so it can provide consistent, fast response times for high volumes of transactions.”

BT ran extensive trials with Azul in comparison to traditional UNIX-based servers and found that only Azul Compute Appliances could meet its rapidly growing business demands by delivering four times greater throughput and improved response times for its transaction-intensive Java-based applications.

“We urgently needed to ensure service levels on a massive scale that we simply could not achieve with traditional servers,” said Clive Selley, CIO BT Wholesale. “Even with extensive tuning on traditional servers, we found ourselves with unacceptably slow response times. With Azul, we are achieving consistent throughput beyond our target levels with very little tuning. We expect to be able to immediately reduce data centre costs for the gateway infrastructure by at least one third, which when combined with additional power, management and cooling savings will deliver even more significant total cost savings over the next three years.”

“BT’s quality-of-service challenge reflects an increasingly important industry trend – scalability and throughput demands of mission-critical compute infrastructures have outpaced the capabilities of traditional servers,” said Sellers. “By utilizing Azul Compute Appliances, companies facing these challenges can achieve the massive scalability they need while controlling IT costs through greater manageability, flexibility, and reduced requirements for real estate and power.”

“BT will now be able to quickly adapt and scale to satisfy its service level agreements – even in the face of unpredictable demand,” said Syed Rizvi, managing director of Azul Systems UK. “The company will not have to make any changes to its applications or existing infrastructure, and we expect the Azul deployment to go live before the end of 2006.”

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