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November 14, 2017

Azul Systems Affirms Commitment to Open Source Embedded Java

SUNNYVALE, Calif., November 14, 2017 – Azul Systems (Azul), the award-winning leader in Java runtime solutions, today announced a long-term commitment to the future of Java for the embedded and IoT markets.  Azul will continue to provide Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK for major releases beyond Java SE 8 including support for x86, Arm and PowerPC-based processors.

Oracle recently announced a number of changes to the roadmap for Java SE and their commercial products[1][2][3].  Specifically, Oracle announced its Java SE Embedded product offering targeting embedded use will not support Java releases after Java SE 8, and will be discontinued thereafter.  Furthermore, after Java SE 8, Oracle will no longer provide commercial support offerings for various embedded processors including Arm, PowerPC, MIPS, or 32-bit x86.

Azul has seen tremendous adoption of its Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK, with Zulu Embedded now integrated in tens of millions of embedded/IoT devices including automobiles, printers, ATM machines, security appliances, network switches/routers, wireless base stations, home gateways and various others.  Use of Java SE in embedded and IoT devices continues to flourish, fueled by increasingly sophisticated use cases.  The Eclipse Foundation recently released a survey of embedded developers who consistenly ranked Java as a key technology for their next-generation designs.  Azul is committed to open source embedded Java, and therefore will continue to provide Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK, including future major releases of Java SE as released by the OpenJDK community. Azul’s current Zulu Embedded offerings support 32- and 64-bit versions of x86, Arm (v7 and v8) and PowerPC processors.  All 6 distributions are available for immediate download from Azul’s Zulu Embedded page and repositories.

“Java’s use in a wide range of embedded and IoT products, devices and appliances is growing rapidly,” said Scott Sellers, Azul Systems president and CEO.  “We are pleased to affirm our commitment to open source embedded Java, and will continue to provide and offer commercial support for our Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK for a variety of embedded processors and operating systems for all future major releases of Java SE.”

Both Zulu and Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK are freely available for immediate download and use, without restrictions, from the Azul Systems website. Project teams interested in support contracts, timely security updates or Zulu Embedded builds in custom form factors are invited to discuss their requirements with their Azul sales representative or by visiting




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