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May 7, 2020

Azul Systems and CoralBlocks Partner to Simplify and Accelerate Development of Low-Latency Java-Based Financial Applications

SUNNYVALE, Calif., and NEW YORK, NY — Azul Systems (Azul) and CoralBlocks today announced a technology partnership wherein CoralBlocks and Azul will work to optimize CoralBlocks components with the Azul Zing JDK for low-latency message-based workloads

CoralBlocks products and technologies are carefully engineered to simplify and improve the ease of development, performance, and reliability of Java-based applications requiring predictable performance, ultra-low latency, and pauseless operation. CoralBlocks components and advanced messaging middleware are used in some of the world’s most advanced trading platforms.

CoralBlocks components include CoralSequencer, CoralFIX, CoralReactor, CoralBits, CoralThreads, CoralQueue, CoralStore. All CoralBlocks utilities and libraries are certified on the Azul Zing JDK, a highly-stable, Java SE compliant Jave runtime with extensive adoption throughout the Financial Services sector.

Rafael Paiva, CoralBlocks Managing Director, said: “We are excited to partner with Azul to offer a wider range of tools to our clients to empower them to build and evolve flexible next-generation trading platforms in a very efficient way. We both focus on taking care of the infrastructure software so clients can focus on what differentiates them from the competition knowing what they are building lay on a solid best of breed foundation.”

Gil Tene, CTO at Azul Systems, said: “We often meet CoralBlocks at joint low latency customers where Zing is used for its obvious performance and consistency benefits. We have found the impacts of adding CoralBlocks to an application stack to be quite positive. Partnering to jointly optimize the behavior of both products, each of which already excels at performance and low latency, allows us to further improve the metrics most important for our latency-sensitive customers.”

Azul Zing

Azul Zing is the best available JVM and elastic runtime for Java production workloads. The only production JVM on the market with pauseless garbage collection technology, Zing ensures consistently high performance without GC pauses, jitter, timeouts, or slow warmup artifacts. Optimized for Linux and x86, running on-premises or in the cloud, Zing is designed for enterprise applications and production workloads that span use cases ranging from web-facing applications and human-facing response times to latency-sensitive trading and payments platforms. With Zing, enterprises can simplify and accelerate Java deployments, use fewer resources, and achieve dramatically greater response time consistency under load, leading to improved business metrics, better time to market, and significantly lower operating costs.

For additional information regarding CoralBlocks products visit Visit for an introduction to the Azul Zing runtime for Java.     

About Azul Systems

Azul Systems is the largest company 100% focused on Java and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), providing the world’s most trusted open source Java enterprise platform. Azul’s customers include 26% of the Fortune 500, 50% of Forbes Top 10 World’s Most Valuable Brands, and all 10 of the world’s Top 10 financial trading companies. Azul solutions are available for developers, ISVs, enterprises with on-prem and cloud deployments, as well as for OEMs building embedded and IoT devices. Visit and follow us on Twitter @azulsystems.

About CoralBlocks

CoralBlocks‘ mission is to create software components for cutting edge JAVA based environments that are:

  • Simple to integrate
  • Lean and clean architecture
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • Minimal Variance
  • Garbage-free
  • JIT friendly
  • Carefully crafted for performance

CoralBlocks is used by some of the most sophisticated Financial Services firms to build their trading systems with top performance and flexibility.

We are committed to keep creating new exciting products, providing consulting, solutions, and world-class support to our clients, and taking what we have to the next level. For additional information visit