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October 30, 2007

Azul Systems® and Vignette Collaborate in Strategic Alliance to Deliver Innovation to Customers

Mountain View, Calif. – October 30, 2007 Azul Systems, the award-winning innovator behind server appliances that deliver compute and memory resources as a shared network service, today announced plans to make its appliances available to Vignette customers who want to take advantage of the performance enhancements delivered by Azul. The partnership between Azul and Vignette enables organizations to deliver more engaging Web experiences with optimal performance at a lower totalcost of ownership.

Azul Systems meets Vignette’s demand for higher performance and faster response time while delivering rich experiences to their users. The go-to-market alliance will enable enterprise customers to leverage high-performance solutions based on Vignette and Azul Systems technologies. The alliance results in the ability for enterprise customers to experience higher performance and consistent quality of service.

“We are impressed by the power and scalability of the Azul Systems compute appliances,” said Somesh Singh, senior vice president of research and development and technical operations at Vignette. “We believe that Vignette customers that deal with large amount of dynamic content and require a significant amount of throughput on their Web site will realize the greatest benefits from the partnership.”

“We were looking for an effective way to support business innovation and target an ever increasing variety of digital content directly to our customers on a personal level,” said Hugo Lumsdon, Principle On-line architect at BSkyB. “Combining Vignette with Azul made complete sense to us, as we have the flexibility to meet business requirements in a manner in keeping with Sky’s green credentials. By introducing Azul we have scaled up our existing capacity many times over, with an almost negligible impact in terms of heat, power and data-centre space.”

“Azul’s innovative solutions for enterprise Java applications have consistently delivered breakthrough value at a lower cost to our customers,” said Scott Sellers President and COO of Azul Systems. “The collaboration of Vignette and Azul brings ultimate simplicity and higher sustained performance for the most demanding e-commerce customers. With the technology delivered through this partnership, Vignette and Azul Systems can help customers substantially improve their business, including significantly higher quality of service, faster response times and reduction in the server footprint.”

About Azul Systems

Azul Systems is a global provider of enterprise server appliances that deliver compute and memory resources as a shared network service to transaction-intensive applications, such as those built on the Java™ platform. Azul Compute Appliances enable transparent, massively scalable infrastructure to support the business priorities of today’s most demanding enterprise environments and deliver increased capabilities, capacity, and utilization at a fraction of the cost of traditional computing models. More information on Azul Systems can be found at

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