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October 19, 2010

Azul Systems® Announces the General Availability of Zing™, the Elastic Runtime Platform for Java Applications

Mountain View, CA, October 19, 2010 – Azul Systems®, the award-winning Java platform provider, today announced the general availability of Zing™, the first elastic runtime platform for Java applications. Zing is a highly scalable, low latency Java runtime platform designed to improve application throughput, availability, and manageability, while also enhancing infrastructure and operational efficiency. It is a versatile platform for deploying Java applications of all sizes and configurations, and is especially suited for high volume applications where response times are important such as Web portals, trading platforms and e-commerce websites. Zing is also the only Java runtime platform specifically designed and optimized for virtualized and cloud environments.

Zing Platform Features and Benefits for Java Applications Optimized for Virtualization and Cloud Computing

  • Optimized for Virtualization and Cloud Computing – The Zing Platform is the only Java runtime platform specifically designed and optimized for virtualized and cloud environments, allowing Java applications to run and perform better virtualized than non-virtualized.
  • Superior Responsiveness, Scale, and Throughput – Zing eliminates common Java scalability limitations such as Garbage Collection pauses and enables Java application instances to dynamically and reliably scale to dozens of CPU cores and hundreds of gigabytes of memory, enabling unmatched application response time consistency, capacity, and sustained throughput. In comparative testing of a commonly deployed portal workload, Zing sustains consistent service levels while carrying 18x as many concurrent users and simultaneously improving response times by 7x.  For more information see the Azul WEBeTailer2010 Performance Study here >>
  • Improved Application Availability and Infrastructure Efficiency – Individual JVM instances deployed on the Zing Platform automatically scale up and down both memory and CPU resources based on real-time demands, eliminating the rigid and inefficient nature of current Java deployments. Java applications use a minimum footprint and share resources during off-peak periods, but are able to dynamically scale to achieve required response time and availability metrics even under extreme loads.
  • Deep Application Visibility in Production – Zing Vision is a true, zero-overhead, always-on production-time diagnostic and monitoring toolincluded as part of the Zing Platform that allows administrators to diagnose application problems seamlessly in production, reducing tuning iterations and shortening development lifecycles.
  • Simplified Deployments and Manageability – With Zing’s unique ability to utilize larger, highly elastic JVMs, 90% fewer Java instances are required to achieve application throughput, response time, and availability requirements. The Zing Resource Controller allows administrators to control deployment topology of their Java applications via a single, centralized console.
  • 100% Compatible with Existing Infrastructure and Applications – Zing is fast and easy to incorporate into existing infrastructures, requiring no operating system, virtualization, or application coding changes.

“Zing embodies the culmination of what we’ve learned over eight years in delivering products and solutions for Java applications in business-critical deployments,” said Scott Sellers, CEO of Azul Systems. “Enterprises are finding that scaling and managing Java applications has become increasingly complex, and are demanding a better Java runtime platform for their virtualization and cloud initiatives. With Zing, we dramatically improve Java application deployments and do so with a virtualization-ready architecture that makes Java-in-the-cloud and Platform-as-a-Service offerings practical.”

Zing is now generally available. Pricing is based on an annual subscription per server. Customers can request a trial copy .

Zing includes open source components from the Managed Runtime Initiative ( Coinciding with the release of Zing for general availability, Azul will contribute updates to the Managed Runtime Initiative, an open project launched in June of 2010 with the purpose of identifying, developing, and delivering enhanced interfaces and functionality across vertical components of the systems stack in order to improve the execution of managed runtimes, such as Java, Ruby, and .NET. The Managed Runtime Initiative currently includes enhanced OpenJDK runtime and enhanced Linux projects.

Supporting Quotes

“New business initiatives and technology innovations have outpaced existing Java application infrastructures, increasing pressure on IT organizations to modernize,” said John Abbott, Chief Analyst at The 451 Group. “Existing Java runtimes are being stressed by the needs of high-throughput, business-critical applications, and the adoption of new deployment paradigms such as virtualization and cloud computing. Enterprises should consider new and innovative Java technologies, such as Azul’s Zing Java Platform, to achieve better application scalability, elasticity and visibility across a wide range of deployment topologies to meet their business and IT objectives.”

“Enterprises are increasingly turning to virtualization to improve the efficiency and availability of applications. At VMware, we have a substantial partner ecosystem that supports this trend, including Azul Systems,” said Parag Patel, vice president, Global Strategic Alliances, VMware, provider of the industry leading virtualization platform vSphere. “Azul Systems’ launch of the Zing Java Platform will help accelerate the adoption of virtualized Java workloads in production environments to drive an IT as a service model. With Zing, all types of Java applications, from small, departmental applications to large, mission- and business-critical applications, can realize the full benefits of virtualization and cloud computing.”

“The Gigaspaces XAP platform is designed for extreme performance and scalability,” said Nati Shalom, CTO of GigaSpaces. “With Azul’s Zing Java Platform, we’ve seen XAP deliver unprecedented consistency and responsiveness, supporting continuous, uninterrupted service levels at high throughput and large
data set sizes. With Zing, we believe that Tier 1, mission-critical applications can now derive significant performance and scale benefits by leveraging virtualized hardware platforms.”

“With over 10 years’ experience creating multi-tenant, elastic enterprise solutions, we are very pleased to be working with Azul’s Zing, the first elastic Java platform,” said Ismael Ghalimi, CEO of Intalio, a leading vendor of private cloud computing solutions. “Zing is the best Java platform for cloud deployments, including Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). At long last we have a Java platform that delivers outstanding scalability and resource elasticity and is designed to perform best in virtualized environments and clouds.”

“Azul technology has been a key part of our ability to help customers resolve complicated Java application scalability issues,” said Tom Baehr, Vice President of Marketing and Advanced Solutions Group at Agilysys, a leading provider of innovative information technology solutions serving corporate and public-sector customers. “Zing’s proven technology creates the best, most advanced platform for Java applications, further increasing deployment agility and speeding time to market for our customers. Zing will help our customers create highly scalable Java applications that are up and running quickly, to take advantage of business opportunities.”

“With more than 30 years of experience designing flexible, secure, highly available datacenters, we are enthusiastic about Azul’s Zing Platform,” said Karl-Heinz Knapp, Business Development Manager of Comparex, one of the leading providers in the fields of infrastructure, consulting and managed services for data centers in Europe. “To work around the limitations of existing Java runtimes, our customers deployed hundreds of Java instances, reducing reliability and creating management headaches. With Zing, they can deploy fewer, larger instances that are elastic, creating deployment flexibility and greatly improving availability.”

“Zing takes proven Azul technology and creates the best Java platform for use in virtualized environments,” said Tony Balistrieri, Vice President of Partner Strategy at Fusion Storm. “With other platforms, application performance suffers when running on a hypervisor. Only with Zing do Java applications perform better when virtualized than non-virtualized. Zing will be a key component of our solutions as we assist customers in creating competitive advantage by greatly lowering TCO and improving application performance.”

About Azul Systems

Azul Systems ( delivers elastic runtime platforms with unsurpassed scalability, manageability, and production-time visibility for Java applications. By providing unparalleled compute and memory resources for throughput-intensive and QoS-sensitive Java applications, Azul enables organizations to dramatically simplify deployments, consolidate instances, increase capacities with predictable response times, and dramatically improve operating costs over traditional deployment models.


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