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September 23, 2013

Azul Systems® Transforming Java to Enable the Real-Time Business

Azul Systems, the award-winning leader in Java runtime scalability, today reaffirms its role as an industry trailblazer. Azul has identified the needs of today’s business-critical applications and the importance of those applications to run consistently fast and responsive, and be brought to market quicker than ever – Azul refers to this as the Real-Time Business Imperative.

The Real-Time Business Imperative
In order to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace, businesses across a variety of markets must move at lightning speed, bring new innovations to market, respond to customer requests, process information and meet both internal and external Service Level Agreements (SLAs). A new paradigm is emerging – the era of the real-time business.  In the era of the real-time business, it’s not enough to simply be fast: businesses must also be fast consistently and predictably – with speed of innovation as well as overall application performance. This dual challenge characterizes the Real-Time Business Imperative, and if a business can’t meet this emerging expectation, it risks being out of business soon.

Can Java be an enabler for the Real-Time Business?
While Java is the de facto language for the enterprise, it doesn’t always readily deliver consistent and predictable performance. Without time-consuming and ongoing tuning, Java applications can be fragile at runtime and not meet the required service level agreements (SLAs) as required by the business. Moreover, spikes in demand can result in slower or unpredictable application response times, which can frustrate customers and drive them to competitors.  In short, Java’s application glitches and jitter can hurt an enterprise’s bottom line and dramatically impact its competitiveness.

Zing: Reliable, Speedy Performance for the Real-Time Business
Azul’s Zing is the new Java performance standard, designed and optimized to meet the demands of the real-time business. Zing is architected and proven for enterprise applications and workloads that require any combination of high transaction rates, low latency, large in-memory data stores, consistent response times and/or high sustained throughput.  Zing is also uber-efficient with its unique ability to elastically scale its memory based on real-time demand, providing a best-in-class Java runtime for private deployment, SaaS and Cloud-based businesses.

Customers in various markets including financial services, real-time advertising auctions and wireless communications have reported immediate reduction in peak latency, often times 100x or more, after deploying Zing with no other change to their applications.  This translates to happier customers, improved revenue, and fewer missed opportunities.

Zing also enables enterprises to make better use of their human capital, by reducing the need to continuously devote talented engineers to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) testing and tuning. Instead of devoting resources to time-consuming JVM tuning, enterprises running Zing are building new features and functions and innovating instead of chasing runtime glitches and frustrating limits associated with  legacy JVMs.

“Today’s organizations are faced with escalating business and user expectations for online, all-the-time, instantaneous response. They must leverage new information sources and huge volumes of data to deliver more insight, capability and value faster than ever, with a better user experience, often without adding people or capital investments,” said Scott Sellers, CEO and founder of Azul Systems. “Our steadfast commitment to building the industry’s best Java runtime   defines all our efforts to enable our customers and partners to meet the challenges of the Real Time Business Imperative.”

To learn more about Azul’s perspective on the Real-Time Business Imperative, you can visit For a recent example of Zing’s benefits compared to a legacy JVM, please read today’s other announcement: “Azul Systems Zing® and Push Technology Deliver Crushing Low-Latency Java Benchmark Results” or download Push Technology’s powerful new white paper at

About Azul Systems
Azul Systems transforms Java to enable the real-time business. Zing, the company’s award-winning Java Virtual Machine (JVM), is designed for enterprise applications and workloads that require any combination of large working memory, high transaction rates, low latency, consistent response times and/or high sustained throughput. As the industry’s only JVM to elastically scale its memory based on real-time demand, Zing ensures reliable, speedy performance that drives revenue and profitability, improves quality of service, unlocks innovation, and enables enterprises to meet the challenges of the real-Time Business Imperative.

Azul is based in Sunnyvale, California, with additional offices located worldwide.