Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (“CRaC”) is now generally available in Azul Zulu 17 with CRaC support for Linux x86 64-bit.

April 4, 2016

Azul’s Java Guru Takes to the Road in April

SUNNYVALE, Calif., – April 4, 2016Azul Systems, the award-winning leader in Java runtime solutions, will be engaging technical audiences and providing insight into the evolution of Java and advances in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) technology in April 2016.

Presenting at Archconf and No Fluff Just Stuff, Doug Hawkins, a VM Engineer at Azul, has been developing software for the past 10 years – creating applications for bioinformatics, finance, and retail. Doug has deep experience with Java’s runtime and its just-in-time compilers, and was the lead engineer for Azul’s ReadyNow! technology, which solves Java’s so-called warm-up problem.

For further details on the conferences and Doug’s sessions, see below:

4-7 April, San Diego, California
Wednesday, 6 April:
09.00/11.00, “Architecting with Garbage Collection in Mind”.
13.30, “Java Optimizations That Matter (and Some That Don’t)”.
15.15, “How HotSpot Sees Your Code”.

No Fluff Just Stuff
15-16 April, St. Louis, MO
Saturday, 16 April:
10.00, “Java Optimizations That Matter (and Some That Don’t)”.
13.00, “Architecting with Garbage Collection in Mind”.
14.45, “Measuring and Profiling Java Performance”.
16.30, “Concurrency Concepts in Java”.

For a complete list of Azul Systems events, visit: