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September 24, 2012

CumuLogic and Azul Systems® Team to Drive Operational Efficiencies for Java in the Cloud

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 24, 2012 — Azul Systems, the award-winning leader in Java runtime scalability, today announced a partnership with CumuLogic, the leading innovator in cloud platform technologies. The new partnership provides the industry’s first integrated and truly elastic PaaS-enablement platform, combining CumuLogic’s Java-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enablement solution with Azul’s memory-elastic Zing™ runtime. This new best-of-breed cloud application platform, targeting enterprises, ISVs and cloud providers, delivers dramatically improved operational efficiency for Java applications in the cloud over conventional PaaS-enablement platforms.

Cloud-based Java deployments face numerous challenges meeting performance SLAs, especially in multi-tenant PaaS environments for mission-critical Java workloads. While JVM tuning can provide someapplication performance improvement, most techniques do not work for PaaS environments where user count and Java object allocation rates vary with load. Complex provisioning schemes in which application instances have dedicated resources (e.g. complete hardware isolation) or shared resources according to anticipated tenant loads, can also improve application performance and response time consistency, but these approaches can impact operational efficiency and the TCO of the platform. For maximum operational efficiency in multi-tenant environments, where a single tenant can usurp all the available resources of a given application instance, PaaS-enablement platforms must be elastic and accommodate tenants of all size and workload demands.

By leveraging Azul’s real-time, resource-elastic Zing within CumuLogic’s comprehensive platform, enterprises, ISVs and PaaS providers can deploy Java-based applications in the Cloud with guaranteed performance and response time consistency. Through Zing’s unique memory elasticity, any multi-tenant application instance can dynamically grow in real-time to meet the performance needs of all support tenants. This elasticity at the Java layer ensures maximum operational and resource efficiency, and eliminates the need for expensive custom isolation as the only approach for guaranteed performance or SLA compliance.

“Our vision is to deliver a cloud platform that enables customers to deploy production applications in the cloud”, said Mike Soby, CumuLogic president and CEO. “By teaming with Azul Systems we are able to offer a high performance Java runtime, which is a key requirement in industries such as financial services, where customers can benefit immensely from Zing’s elastic memory, pauseless operation, and zero-overhead monitoring.”

Scott Sellers, Azul Systems president and CEO, added: “A Java-based PaaS offering as deployed by CumuLogic is essential for private, public or hybrid clouds. The combination of CumuLogic’s development, configuration, and management tools, coupled with the best JVM for Linux enables our shared customers to build, test, and manage highly efficient and reliable Java-based solutions in the cloud – and get them deployed quickly.”

“Tighter integration between Azul’s advanced Java runtime environment and third party application stacks such as CumuLogic’s Cloud Application Platform should lead to significant gains in operational efficiency, while strengthening vital functionality such as multi-tenancy and elastic resource management”, said John Abbott, chief analyst at 451 Research. “CumuLogic is the first partner to realize these possibilities and leverage them. We expect others to follow.”

To arrange a test-drive of the new CumuLogic Cloud Application Platform integrating Zing, please contact Laura Ventura, VP Marketing at CumuLogic. To learn more about the capabilities of the Azul Systems/CumuLogic solution, visit the Azul Systems Booth #5102 at JavaOne, September 20 – October 4 at the San Francisco Hilton Union Square.

About Azul Systems

Azul Systems delivers high-performance and elastic Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) with unsurpassedscalability, manageability and production-time visibility. Designed and optimized for x86 servers and enterprise-class workloads, Azul’s Zing is the only Java runtime that supports highly consistent and pauseless execution for throughput-intensive and QoS-sensitive Java applications. Azul’s products enable organizations to dramatically simplify Java deployments with fewer instances, greater response time consistency, and dramatically better operating costs.

About CumuLogic

CumuLogic is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) software provider that enables enterprises, cloud providers and ISVs to develop and deploy Java applications in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. CumuLogic is redefining PaaS to include a complete platform for developing, migrating, running, managing, monitoring, and metering applications in the cloud. For more information, go to