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ICE Information Technology

Gold Partner

ICE Information Technology started with a vision to become a partner of choice for companies in the Middle East region. ICE Information Technology is a part of growing dynamic business group with interests spanning from Construction, Trading, Facility Management, F&B and Retail. ICE carries a wide portfolio of IT Application and Infrastructure services and would be a credible Integrated Services Delivery partner for companies in the gulf region.

ICE Information Technology was conceived with the objective of being an end-to-end IT solutions partner for enterprises in Middle East. Organizations in Middle East currently have very limited choice and finding it extremely difficult to handle too many vendor companies to address their IT requirements. There are numerous challenges and issues like lack of commitment, false promises, quality etc., being faced by organizations in ME and it is this which has triggered the formation of ICE Information Technology. ICE Information Technology promises to deliver best of the quality services and products for organizations in ME. ICE will help organizations to transition from multi-vendor to the single-vendor scenario.