Azul Intelligence Cloud The Powerful Analytics Solution That Boosts DevOps Efficiency with Insights from Production Java Runtime Data from Any JVM  


Platinum Partner

SoftwareOne is redefining how companies build, buy and manage everything in the cloud. By helping clients to migrate and modernize their workloads and applications – and in parallel, to navigate and optimize the resulting software and cloud changes – SoftwareOne unlocks the value of technology.

SoftwareONE’s goal is to help customers understand and control their often spiraling software costs. Our Java Advisory service provides clarity around Java licensing, which was previously free but is now chargeable. Customers can reduce this risk of unbudgeted spend by proactively assessing what they have and use Azul technology to optimise the licensing required, providing significant cost reductions. SoftwareONE’s great partnership with Azul over a prolonged period has seen us save numerous clients’ software budgets, and we continue to do so on a regular basis.

Antony Attfield, Head of Software Lifecycle Management Solution Sales, SoftwareOne UK