Azul Platform Prime Release Roadmap

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Azul Platform Prime provides the following types of releases:

Stream Builds

Released monthly. Updates are not provided on Stream Builds, only on Stable Builds. Free for development, testing, and evaluation. Use in production requires an active subscription.

Azul Platform Prime Stream Builds

Stable Builds

A new Stable Build line is forked every six months. Super-stable builds that incorporate only CPUs, PSUs, and Azul Platform Prime critical fixes and do not uptake new features and non-critical enhancements from Stream Builds. CPUs delivered within 48 hours of their release on OpenJDK. Available only to Azul customers.

Customer Downloads and Documents

Feature Previews

Unsupported previews of upcoming Azul Platform Prime releases, including support for new Java versions. Free for development, testing, and evaluation. Use in production requires requires an active subscription.

Feature Preview Downloads

Stable Build Lines

Stable Build lines are actively developed for 10 months. This means that new versions are released, including new Java versions, CPUs, and PSUs. It also means there is a four month overlap between the creation of a new Stable Build line and the end of support for the previous one. You can choose when to upgrade to the new Stable Build line during the four month window. You can choose to stay on an older Stable Build line, but Azul does not make additional releases on those lines as often and does not release CPUs within the 48-hour SLA.

View the Azul Support Roadmap for more information about supported releases.