Cloud-Ready Java

Leverage cloud efficiencies and improve service delivery,
without re-coding

Gianugo Rabellino, senior director of open source communities, Microsoft

“Using the Zulu OpenJDK build on Azure, users are free to deploy any Java application server of their choice, not just Oracle’s WebLogic…Zulu is the most basic component to build your Java applications. Add your application server of your choice and you have a full-stack enterprise edition.”

Deploy Java in the cloud - seamlessly

Azul Zing and Zulu are cloud-ready. Zing removes scalability limitations and supports services not practical with other JVMs. Looking for fully supported open source Java for the cloud? Choose Zulu, available on Microsoft Azure, AWS, Rackspace and private and hybrid clouds.

Azul and the Cloud

Get the full benefits of the cloud

Azul Zing

  • Increase resource utilization
  • Grow and shrink instances based on real-time needs
  • Eliminate disruptions
  • Launch new business models not possible using other JVMs

Azul Zulu

  • 100% open source
  • Fully supported
  • Certified for most clouds

Remove barriers to Java in the cloud

Zing fully leverages cloud elasticity and speeds app migration

Use supported open source

Zulu is 100% open source, and fully supported by Azul for cloud deployments

Improve service delivery

Zing eliminates Java-based service disruptions

Launch new business models

Zing enables cloud-based business models not possible using other JVMs

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Microsoft Azure

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Azul & Cloud Foundry

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Deploy Java in the cloud today

Try Zing in the cloud free, or launch a Zulu instance in the cloud.

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