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Why Replace the Oracle JDK with OpenJDK? 
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Revolutionize the economics of your Cloud-based business with Zing

Leverage cloud efficiencies and improve service delivery,
while improving carrying capacity and driving down Cloud spending

Why Zing for Your Cloud?

• Better resource utilization means lower Cloud spend
• Manage Zing hassle-free with Kubernetes
• Deliver stable and consistent response times under load without constant tuning
• Greatly improve efficiency of continuous deployment infrastructure
• Get optimized code into production faster with Zing ReadyNow! technology
• Speed time to market with minimal tuning needs and faster deployment
• Zing's advanced LLVM-based Falcon compiler generates genuinely faster code
• Proven scalability and performance proven success in web-scale Cloud deployments

Select Public and Private Cloud Use Cases Fueled by Zing:

• Amazon-based real-time advertising auctions
• Web-based communities
• Marketing automation platforms supporting global businesses
• Opinion and rating sites with millions of simultaneous users
• eCommerce sites
• On-demand media
• SaaS-based workplace management

Azul and the Cloud

Get the full benefits of Java on the Cloud

Azul Zing

  • The best JVM for the Cloud
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by 30-50% or more
  • Meet your service level targets with fewer instances
  • Eliminate service disruptions
  • Launch new business models not possible using other JVMs
  • Run on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud plus private and hybrid Clouds
  • Supports standard and custom containers
  • Kubernetes and other orchestration platforms

Reduce your Cloud spending by 30-50%

Zing greatly improves carrying capacity and makes better use of every Cloud instance

Start up faster and stay fast

ReadyNow technology solves Java warmup issues, the Falcon JIT compiler generates faster code, and the C4 collector eliminates GC issues

Improve service delivery and accelerate time to market

Zing gets optimized code into production faster while reducing CPU compilation cycles

Reduce Engineering and Support costs

Zing greatly reduces Java runtime troubleshooting by eliminating many performance artifacts

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