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Run High Performing Demand or Supplier Side Platform With Zing

Xuehua Shen, CTO

“Azul Zing has helped us get maximum value for our customers. We are delighted we have chosen to deploy the Zing JVM, having seen exceptional improvement in our ability to meet our strict SLAs on our ad serving infrastructure”

Increase revenue and profitability

Zing improves revenue and profitability for both demand-side and supplier-side platforms by lowering latency, improving response time for the mission critical real-time business

Consistent low-latency performance

Zing® is the new performance standard for Java. Its advanced technology is capable of delivering ultra-low latency, high performance and predictability that drives the difference between wins and losses

Cache more information

Zing allows your site to cache far more information to ensure fast response times.

Ensure consistent response times

Eliminate the risk of Java-caused pauses, user disconnects and site crashes.

Get to market faster

Launch new features, promotions and services without performance worries.

Increase transactions

Convert more users based on better site speeds and information availability.

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