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Digital Travel

Solve Java performance problems on your online travel site. The Azul Zing JVM enhances the user experience and helps build customer loyalty.

EnterpriseTech, February 14, 2014

“We wanted to find a way to get through these garbage collection
Events… went live with Zing over the July 4th holiday last summer after a few months of testing, and Ali said that this was the first time that software engineers had not been called in over a holiday weekend to deal with memory issues in the JVMs as conditions in the hotel market changed.”

Deliver a better customer experience

Deliver easy, personalized browsing and booking across channels and proved the best customer experience. Azul Zing is a high performance JVM proven in production at major digital travel and booking systems including, Viking Lines and Pegasus Solutions.

Increase revenue and profitability

  • Deliver a great user experience
  • Cache 100% of availability information
  • Employ sophisticated personalization and upselling
  • Speed search results
  • Launch new features faster
  • Utilize real-time reports and predictive analytics

Cache more information

Zing allows your site to cache far more information to ensure fast response times.

Ensure consistent response times

Eliminate the risk of Java-caused pauses, user disconnects and site crashes.

Get to market faster

Launch new features, promotions and services without performance worries.

Increase transactions

Convert more users based on better site speeds and information availability.

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