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Azul Zing is the best Java runtime for Search -- We deliver proven performance with Elastic, Lucene and Solr

When predictable Search performance is essential

“Without Zing we would not have been able to deploy Apache Solr for our production system. Our customers could have experienced long pauses when searching for critical documents"
- Mou Nandi, Search Engineer and Architect, NetDocuments

Meet performance and scalability goals

Azul has deep experience helping developers as well as operations and DevOps teams understand the linkages between the Java runtime and Elasticsearch, Lucene and Solr as well as other Java-based query, search and analytics tools (like Apache Cassandra) that share dependence on the JVM.

Maximize the value of Apache Lucene and Solr

Many Search architects do not understand the impact a Java runtime can have on Search performance and throughput. Azul has been deeply engaged with enterprise search users and key search ISVs like Elasticsearch to ensure that Zing remains the best JVM for all aspects of search.

Eliminate Java GC Problems in Search

Zing lets your search applications to use all the memory they need – without stalls

Stay in-memory without thrashing

Use in-memory indexing for faster performance – and avoid Java’s GC pauses

Meet service level targets and delight users

Elastic, Lucene and Solr-can safely use memory-based indexes up to 8 TB with Zing

Fits a wide range of Search use cases

Zing delivers predictable performance for machine-machine and interactive Search

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Gain all the benefits of your Search investment

With Zing you can meet your service level expectations for Search in even the most demanding use cases

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