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  • Date:  Tuesday, August 9
  • Time:  9:00AM-9:45AM Pacific

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Big Data and Real-time Analytics with Apache Pinot


Join us Wednesday, July 28 at 11.00AM Pacific

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In This Webinar

In this webinar on Apache Pinot, we discuss the architecture and application of this open source OLAP platform. 

In this interactive session:

  • Tim and Pratik discuss Big Data and real-time analytics architecture. 
  • We dive into various parts of an architecture required to build a modern real-time analytics engine, and use cases for such an architecture. 
  • We also talk about how Java fits into the picture of Big Data deployments.

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Presented by

Pratik Patel

VP of Developer Relations, Azul

Pratik Patel is a Java Champion and lead developer advocate at Azul Systems. He wrote the first book on 'enterprise Java' in 1996, "Java Database Programming with JDBC" and "Developing Open Cloud Native Microservices".

Tim Berglund

VP of Developer Relations, StarTree 

Tim is a teacher, author, and technology leader with StarTree, where he serves as the Vice President of Developer Relations. He tweets @tlberglund.

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