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5 Tips for Devnexus 2023

Azul is excited to be a gold sponsor of Devnexus 2023.

Organized by the Atlanta Java Users Group, Devnexus is the longest-running and largest Java/Java Platform Conference in the USA, now in its 18th year. And this year, I’m excited to announce that we are back in person at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center, April 4-6. Devnexus is a unique opportunity to level up your teams’ skills without having to travel out of state.

Devnexus 2023 logo

There are four world-class full-day workshops on April 4 (sold separately), followed by two days of excellent sessions in twelve simultaneous tracks (Agile, Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Tech, Core Java, Frameworks, Java Platform, Practicesand other tech, Red Hat DevNation, Security, Tools and Techniques, Web) presented by community experts, Java Champions, and Internationally recognized speakers.

If it sounds overwhelming, it can be. Here are four tips for making the most of Devnexus, based on my first-hand experience and conversations with other attendees:

1. Select your sessions ahead of time.

You will likely discover that sessions you want to attend are happening at the same time. Go through the agenda and decide before you arrive which ones you want to attend.

Bookmark these sessions by our Java Champions:

Simon Ritter
Simon Ritter
  • The Cloud Native Compiler: JIT-as-a-Service Simon Ritter looks at Azul’s work to move the JIT compiler into a centralized service that can be shared by many JVMs. He will demonstrate some of the advantages, from caching compiled code for instant delivery when restarting the same application to removing workloads from individual JVMs so they can deliver more transactions per second. Simon’s session starts at 11:30am on Wednesday, April 5.

2. Walk through the Georgia World Congress Center ahead of time.

Like most conferences in hotels, the hallways can all look the same. Familiarize yourself so you can get to your destinations even when time is tight.

Georgia World Congress Center
Georgia World Congress Center

3. Take time to recharge.

Between sessions, during breaks, take time to go over notes, get a snack or some caffeine, and recharge your batteries. It’s a busy three days, and your inner self will thank you.

4. Make the most of networking opportunities.

The smartest people in Java will attend what Azul Vice President of Developer Relations Pratik Patel likes to call the Super Bowl of Java (I live in Europe, but I’ll take his word for it).

5. Stop by the Azul booth.

You knew this was coming, right? Grab some cool swag and chat with our Java Champions about Java, JVM, Big Data, Cloud, and Security. We’re also hosting an event during Devnexus, on April 5. Talk to us about limited invitations to the Atlanta Hawks basketball game in the Top Golf suite! See you at Devnexus 2023 in Atlanta!

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