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Cloud Marketplaces Offer Easier Purchases and Lower Prices for Azul Products

Azul has been helping customers move their Java applications to the cloud for years to gain performance and flexibility. Now we’re providing the convenience of procuring Azul Java runtimes from AWS and Google cloud marketplaces. 

Azul is making two products available on the marketplaces, Azul Platform Core and Azul Platform Prime. With Platform Core, customers receive secure and stable builds of OpenJDK – a drop-in replacement for Oracle Java SE – that includes the world’s best 24/7 support and is typically 70% less expensive than Oracle. Azul Platform Prime is a superior Java development and runtime platform that optimizes the performance, scalability, and responsiveness of an organization’s Java applications and services, and cuts infrastructure and cloud costs by up to 50%. 

By publishing our products on their marketplaces, AWS and Google Cloud Platform allow enterprises to use their Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) to procure Azul products. 

By buying through the AWS and GCP marketplaces, organization enjoy benefits including: 

  • Greater ease of transaction 
  • Wholesale and even custom prices 
  • Additional discounts by achieving committed spend thresholds 

Four steps to benefitting from the cloud marketplaces 

Here are four steps organizations can take to benefit from the cloud marketplaces: 

  1. Take advantage of the AWS Enterprise Discount Program 
  1. Consolidate third-party software purchases to increase discounts 
  1. Simplify contracts with standard marketplace agreements 
  1. Purchase on the marketplace through Azul partners 

Take advantage of the AWS Enterprise Discount Program 

AWS offers discount and incentive programs that organizations can use to reduce their cloud operating costs. Organizations that commit to a predetermined annual AWS spend (typically $1 million or more) are eligible for discounts through the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). 

What constitutes qualifying spend? 

Qualifying spend includes AWS solutions like EC2 on-demand instances, S3, and countless other services. EDP consumption can also be credited via AWS Marketplace products and services (up to 50% of total committed spend).  

What if an organization doesn’t reach its committed spend? 

If an organization doesn’t hit its committed spend, it doesn’t realize the discounts. To mitigate this risk, IT procurement may decide to use AWS “committed spend” to purchase products and services through the marketplace rather than considering other corporate funding or budgeting options. 

The State of Java Survey and Report 2023, a study of more than 2,000 Java users, reveals that 95% of companies that use Java to build applications in the cloud had taken steps in the previous year to reduce cloud costs. The EDP puts another arrow in their quiver. 

Consolidate third-party software purchases to increase discounts 

If an organization goes above its contractually committed spend, the discount is applied for any dollar amount over. IT organizations often try to consolidate third-party software purchases via AWS Marketplace to increase their EDP discounts. 

For instance, rather than purchasing software directly from a service provider and augmenting the offering through the marketplace, an organization might choose to make all the purchases through the marketplace to help them reach the discount threshold. 

Simplify contracts with standard marketplace agreements 

When buyers and sellers transact via the AWS Marketplace, all transactions are governed by the “Standard Contract for AWS Marketplace” agreement. Leveraging a “standardize contract” that the buyer has already approved via prior AWS Marketplace purchases should dramatically simplify the contract review process. 

Using the marketplace standard terms and conditions to procure software reduces the time to transact. Buying a common marketplace, IT and procurement organizations can now include Azul products as they consolidate third-party software purchases and increase their total spend with a given hyperscaler provider, which can be advantageous for EDP renewals. 

Purchase on the marketplace through Azul partners 

By using Amazon’s Channel Partner Private Offers (CPPO) program, Azul’s channel partners can sell Azul products through AWS Marketplace Private Offers at a wholesale price. The channel partner owns and maintains the financial and contractual relationship with the end customer in the AWS Marketplace. 

Making Azul products available on the AWS and Google Cloud marketplaces unlocks tremendous purchasing efficiencies for businesses deploying their Java applications in the cloud. By working together with the hyperscalers and preferred channel partners, we’re providing our customers additional ways to procure our products and optimize their cloud spending. 

Act today to benefit from the AWS and GCP marketplaces.