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Zulu Embedded (OpenJDK) for ARM v7 and 32-bit v8 is ready for download

On July 28 we announced the general availability of Zulu Embedded (OpenJDK) for ARM v7 and 32-bit v8 designs. We also announced our embedded processor roadmap for the next 6 months, which includes ARM (32 and 64-bit), Intel X64 (32 and 64-bit), PowerPC and MIPS processors. Fully-supported Zulu Embedded builds of OpenJDK for 32-bit ARM are now available immediately from our download page, with builds supporting 32-bit PowerPC processors to be delivered in Q3 2016 and 64-bit ARM v8 support in early Q1 2017. Azul is also working with Cavium on Zulu Embedded support for 64-bit versions of the MIPS processor architecture. Zulu Embedded has supported both 32 and 64-bit x86 processors since our initial embedded product launch in early 2015. What makes this important?   OpenJDK support for existing embedded systems PLUS next-generation embedded and IoT designs is here. Now. No proprietary issues, field of use restrictions or hassles, and lots of customization options. Cavium Comments: “Azul’s Java expertise is well recognized in the industry, and the commitment to bring Zulu JVM to 64-bit ARMv8 and MIPS architectures will accelerate the efficiency and optimization of Java for Cavium customers,” said Larry Wikelius, Vice President Software Ecosystem and Solutions, Cavium. “Java based applications continue to be critical to our OCTEON® and ThunderX® installed base and Zulu will provide the commercial options that many end users require. Azul is a welcome addition to Cavium’s thriving software ecosystem partner community.” Canonical: Zulu will be snappy: “Canonical and Azul are working together to ensure that Java developers building IoT solutions for Ubuntu Core can easily package their applications as snaps and incorporate Zulu Embedded using the new snapcraft tooling,” said Maarten Ectors, VP of IoT at Canonical. Eclipse Comment: "The Eclipse Foundation's Internet of Things Working Group has a number of Java-based open source IoT projects that will benefit from running on Zulu Embedded for 32-bit ARM processors. Zulu Embedded will be an important open source option for Java developers building IoT solutions," said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of Eclipse Foundation. Azul’s CEO Scott Sellers perspective: “...By offering a wide range of processor and operating system support, and delivering customized builds to meet specific embedded requirements, Zulu Embedded is quickly become the de facto standard for developing and commercializing Java-based solutions in the embedded, maker and IoT markets.” For more details about Azul’s Embedded OpenJDK roadmap, or to request specific builds and support plans, please contact the Azul Systems Embedded team at [email protected]. To learn more about Zulu Embedded or to download complete JDKs, visit our Zulu Embedded product page.