Announcing Azul Vulnerability Detection - a revolutionary new product that addresses critical security gaps in your software supply chain


Evvo Labs

Silver Partner

Evvo Labs is a Singapore leading IT Developer and System Integrator. Evvo Labs are the Government Bulk Tender Winner for Cybersecurity and Digital media. Evvo Labs embrace state-of-the-art engineering solutions with powerful AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Cyber Security, Digital Media, IOT, IT Solutioning, Mobility, and System Integration to anchor our clients and partners to the forefront of their respective fields.

In Singapore, AI, Blockchain, Cloud, CyberSecurity and IOT specialists Evvo Labs will work in partnership with public sector Java-using organizations. “Singapore is a progressive hub of technology, in no small measure supported and enabled by our government,” said Ryan Wong, Founder and CEO, Evvo Labs. “We are therefore pleased to add Azul to our portfolio, Azul being the most progressive Java provider.”

Ryan Wong, CEO, Evvo Labs