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Azul Platform Core Support for Eclipse Temurin

Backed by the industry’s best Java support company with a100% focus on Java

Cost effective Java support for new Eclipse Temurin builds.

Azul Platform Core Provides:

  • The most comprehensive and cost-effective OpenJDK support alternative to Oracle Java SE Subscriptions

  • Enterprise-grade commercial support for stabilized, well-curated Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK and high-quality Eclipse Temurin runtimes

  • Assurance and security for Eclipse Temurin-using organizations and businesses that require Java updates with guaranteed SLAs from a proven Java support partner

Azul’s Eclipse Temurin support protects
Java-based organizations with:

  • Tiered services that meet your business needs – including 24x7x365 support coverage

  • Application triage, root cause analysis, and production issue workarounds

  • Guaranteed timely access to quarterly TCK-tested updates and out-of-cycle patches based on strict SLAs

Commercial Support Services Comparison

Supported Temurin Distributions

Java Versions
Long Term Support (LTS)
: Java 8 & 11 (17 when GA’ed)
Short Term Support (STS): Java 16 (18, 19, etc. when GA’ed)

Processors: 64-bit x86
Packages: JDKs & JREs
OS Platforms: Windows, Linux and macOS

The best Java support in the industry. Bar none.

“Azul Support will stick with a case even if the root cause is not our fault. We will never abandon a customer. We will continue to assist the customer for as long as it takes to resolve the issue, regardless of whether it’s an Azul issue. We will work as a team with our customer, and with the other vendor(s) until the issue is resolved, however long it takes. We do this all the time.”

(Dana Roth, Head of Customer Engineering at Azul)

For additional information regarding commercial support offerings for Eclipse Temurin, please contact an Azul OpenJDK specialist today.
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