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Itiviti is a world-leading technology provider for the capital markets industry. Trading firms, banks, brokers and institutional clients rely on Itiviti technology, solutions, and expertise for streamlining their daily operations while gaining a sustainable competitive edge in global markets. With more than 2,000 clients in 50 countries worldwide, Itiviti has a track record of delivering innovative financial infrastructure solutions covering all asset classes, across geographies and regulatory landscapes. Itiviti offers highly adaptable platforms and solutions, enabling clients to stay ahead of competitive and regulatory challenges. For more information please visit

ITIVITI has partnered with Azul Systems to include Zing® in its ULLINK and UL BRIDGE products. Itiviti’s UL BRIDGE connects and routes transactional messages to their final destinations: exchanges, brokers, buy-side firms, trading applications, order management systems, and routing networks.

Itiviti’s messaging application is able to reduce worst-case response times by over 40X and similarly reduced 99th percentile response times by over 7X when deployed on Zing.

Other benefits of using Zing with Itiviti:

  • Achieve strict SLAs that create a competitive advantage for traders
  • Deliver industry-leading message processing times
  • Increase scalability to handle peak customer loads while still meeting SLAs

Itiviti’s UL BRIDGE is written in Java and is subject to garbage collection. Although tightly tuned, 0.01% of all orders were seeing a slight latency impact. Azul Zing is used to remove latency outliers.