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Neeve Research

Financial Services

Neeve Research delivers a next-generation application platform that uniquely combines service-oriented application design, event-driven programming and grid-oriented deployment/management in a manner that enables the agile development and management of highly available, transactional multi-agent applications with extreme performance and scalability characteristics. Initially focused on message-driven application (e.g. CEP) in latency-sensitive environments, the X Platform provides message streams in a high performance, fault tolerant, parallelized and transactional manner. The system requires very large heaps and consistent low latency to five ‘9’s.

Neeve Research has chosen to ship Azul Zing® as part of their platform. Zing is the only JVM that allows the X Platform to utilize large heaps with consistent low latency. Including Zing ensures a great customer experience using the X Platform by guaranteeing response time consistency across a wide range of coding frameworks and customer use cases.