Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint (“CRaC”) is now generally available in Azul Zulu 17 with CRaC support for Linux x86 64-bit.

TIBCO StreamBase

TIBCO StreamBase, the leader in high performance Complex Event Processing (CEP), provides software for rapidly building systems that analyze and act on real-time streaming data for instantaneous decision-making. Founded by data management experts driving industry innovation for decades and backed by top-tier investor firms, StreamBase has developed a new class of software that enables organizations to quickly develop and deploy real-time applications that can generate millions of dollars in new profits and are deployed at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives.

Prime® is a fully certified JVM for both StreamBase CEP and their LiveView product. StreamBase OEMs Zing and can ship the Zing JRE with their LiveView product to improve responsiveness on large heaps.