Azul Introduces Code Inventory The Solution That Identifies Unused and Dead Code for Removal in Production, Saving Developer Time and Money 

White Clarke Group

The White Clarke Group delivers CALMS2 (Customer Acquisition and Lifecycle Management), an end-to-end solution for business agility for captive and independent finance companies. CALMS2 is multilingual, multi-GAAP, multi-currency, and multi business culture. It is your route to new markets, customers and revenues, with fast, intuitive self-serve usability, channel specialization and partner integration.

Azul Prime® is certified with CALMS2, allowing it to scale easily and use existing hardware more efficiently. Zing also allows White Clarke to deploy one simple, scalable architecture across their client base regardless of size.

“Our CALMS (Customer Acquisition and Lifecycle Management) software has become the solution of choice for leading credit providers around the world. The Zing JVM allows our application to scale and process more on the same amount of hardware, giving us the ability to present one simple, scalable architecture across our client base regardless of size.”

Bassam Alousi, Technical Architect, White Clarke Group