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Cloud cost optimization is your answer to a $1 trillion paradox.

Cloud Cost Optimization

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Improving cloud margins is a matter of survival.

“Organizations with little or no cloud cost optimization plans rush into cloud technology investments. They end up overspending on cloud services by up to 70% without deriving the expected value from it,”

– Gartner, Realize Cost Savings After Migrating to the Cloud, Finance Research Team, April 28, 2021.


Faster Code = Less Compute

Improve throughput by up to 2X or more while maintaining service level expectations and improve code execution speed by up to 20%-50% or more, without changing a line of code.


Optimize Cloud Resources

Leverage the elasticity of the cloud to offload the heavy work of compilation from client JVMs to a scalable, dedicated Cloud Native Compiler service that allows customers to serve the same load with smaller client servers.


Cut Infrastructure Costs In Half

Slash capital expenses for servers by as much as 50%, cut operating expenses for cloud services, and drive continuous value.

Solving the Trillion-Dollar Cloud Paradox

Azul CEO Scott Sellers visits the Modern CTO podcast to discuss how cloud costs are weighing down $1 trillion of market cap, and some tactics for mitigating those costs.

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A New Way to Control Cloud Costs

Scott Sellers and John Abbott, Distinguished Analyst at 451 Research, discuss how an optimized JVM can help reduce cloud costs while improving the price/performance balance across hybrid and multi-cloud systems.

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Cloud Paradox: Today's Growth Is Tomorrow's Runaway Cost

Cloud Paradox: Today’s Growth Is Tomorrow’s Runaway Cost

When it comes to the cloud, performance or lower cost is a false dichotomy. See how a high-performance Java Virtual Machine can provide speed, consistency, and efficiency.

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Firsthand Accounts from Java Heroes

Learn how advertising innovator Taboola reduced front-end servers by 30+% and database servers by 50%, saving millions of dollars in hardware and hosting costs.

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The Total Economic Impact of Azul Zing

Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

Read an in-depth assessment based on verifiable customer data showing how Azul Platform Prime produces a 224% ROI and millions of dollars in cost savings.

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